Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Androguard and pornoplayer.dex ?

Hi !

This is the first post about the Androguard framework, with an interesting example of virus, and I've received from a friend a copy of a sms trojan for android.

In fact the application is described like a porno movie player, but this app send SMS to premium Russian shortcodes. There is a complete analysis of quite of the same sms trojan on this website, so I would not explain that (even if in this version the sms trojan sends differents messages ("846007", 846008", "846009") to the short code number 7132).

But this quick video is to show you briefly how to play directly with the framework (with the latest source (mercurial repository)) to show interesting information. The main goal of Androguard is to develop new research about mobile software protection, but due to the design of the goal, you can do lot of other things ;)

Actually, the DEX format is fully support, but not the modification (unlike to the Class format). We have an important roadmap to support new features, with differents subjects, from diff of differents apps to apps protection/watermarking.

So if you are interesting to work on this LGPL project and to implement some features of the roadmap or new one, you can contact me by following the contact on the homepage.

New post will follow this one to show how to use this project ;)

That's all folks !!!

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