Sunday, June 30, 2013

One year after, end of Magnificent 7 project !

It has been a year already since the start of the Magnificient 7 program !

So what happened during this year ?

We added some features to enhance your analyses such as:
  • arm support to analyze binaries/shared libraries.
  • the possibility to have a graphical view of the application you are working on,
  • the support of sessions, so that you can save / restore the state of your analysis. Also, annotations of methods/instructions are supported ! (You can share a commented analysis with your colleagues)
  • the ability to rename classes, methods, fields of an application. It can be useful when you deal with an obfuscated sample and you want to "clean the code" a little.
  • the support of diffing/similarity tools for android applications
We also improved the support of the AXML format and added the support of the ARSC format.
We built the DAD (DAD is A Decompiler) decompiler, which works with the dex bytecode and does not use a third party tool such as Dex2jar. It can be used with the interactive shell / the sublime text GUI or as a stand alone app.

We have also provided a plugin to have a GUI built on the Sublime Text editor.

Some other changes were done such as the algorithm used to parse a dex file, the possibility to start the disassembly at a specified offset on a file.

Interested ? You can download the latest version here or clone the repository.

Want to contribute ? You can send us bug reports (or fix ! we'll accept them with pleasure :)) here.
You can also submit your scripts to the community !

Thanks to Rapid7 and their Magnificent7 program. We really appreciate to see a company support open-source security software !

The Androguard team 

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