Friday, September 14, 2012

Androguard 1.6: community !

Hi !

Since the latest version, we have fixed a lot of bugs, the decompiler has been improved, and we added a new feature.

This feature is the possibility to scan automatically a bunch of android apps (with multiple threads) and to control exactly what do you want to do (from where you get the app (web, file system, ...), filtering, control the different steps of analysis (APK, DEX, Advanced Analysis)).

For example, image that you would like to scan a list of android apps, and select only APK files with the SEND_SMS permission, and after that to display the source code of the method where the sendTextMessage method is called. Easy ?

or a more classical example is to display permissions of APK files:

or to check if the app can load dynamic dex files:

All details about this feature can be read in the RE tutorial.

But a more important thing is that now you can submit your script to the community repository, with a standard "pull-request". The idea is to collect all interesting scripts from the Android RE community that use Androguard. But if your script is really interesting, we can put it directly in the main repository of Androguard.

Get it right now !

Cya !

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