Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Androguard 1.9

Hi folks !

After pacsec conference in Tokyo, we finished few things to have a new version. And it is the time to release it !

We fixed a lot of things, bugs in the auto analysis, remove useless dependencies, we added new tools from external contributor (thx Axelle) as "" which can disassemble at a specific offset dalvik bytecodes (it can be interesting when an application has hidden bytecodes). We improved the decompiler too, please check our pacsec slides.

We improved the AXML format support, and added ARSC format to analyse resources.arsc files ("" tool).

But one of the best feature for this release is the beta plugin for Sublime Text editor. I know that sublime text editor is not opensource, but I'm using it every day, and the plugin support is awesome. You can copy the archive in the Packages directory, and after that you can open APK/DEX/ODEX/AXML/ARSC files. You can click on a specific class/method/field, switch from the bytecodes to the source codes, view classes hierarchy, get references for methods and fields (callers/callees), navigate in the CFG, view strings usages ... You can define your own key binding, change the syntax files, and it is really simple to add a new feature.

Check the video:

You can download Androguard 1.9 here, and the plugin for Sublime text here.

We are working on a native emulator for Android, but it is not yet ready for thi public release.

If you wish to join the project, please send us a mail to
You can also make a donation for the project ! :)

Cya !

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